About Asthma Friendly St. Louis

Asthma Friendly St. Louis is a community program designed to help school-aged children and teens manage their asthma. The program helps children and teens with asthma, the schools they attend, and their medical providers communicate with each other to better understand and control their asthma. It is sponsored by the City of St. Louis Department of Health and began with a grant from the Missouri Foundation for Health.

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Is Asthma A Problem In St. Louis?

The number of children with asthma in the St. Louis metropolitan area is approximately three times the national average. Overall, one out of every eleven children under the age of 18 is currently living with asthma in the St. Louis region, but in some areas as many as one out of every five children has asthma.

What Services Does The Asthma Friendly St. Louis Program Provide?

The Asthma Friendly St. Louis Program links three major components to help children/teens manage asthma:

Home – If your child has asthma, the home environment is very important in managing asthma. We help you create the best home environment possible by identifying asthma triggers and eliminating or minimizing exposure

School – We partner with private and parochial schools to educate staff, make sure every asthmatic student has an Asthma Action Plan on file, and every school has a plan to manage students with asthma

Medical Provider – We communicate with medical providers to be sure every program participant has an Asthma Action Plan. We help uninsured children with asthma get enrolled into health insurance programs

How Much Does It Cost To Participate In The Asthma Friendly St. Louis Program?

All the services provided by the program are FREE! Other free services include:

  • Asthma education
  • Asthma Resource Guide
  • Asthma Home Assessment Workbook (to help you identify triggers)
  • Home asthma trigger reduction assistance
  • Bedding encasements
  • Cleaning kits
  • HEPA vacuum loan referrals
  • Air filters
  • Referral for asthma equipment

Who Can I Contact For More Info?

Asthma Friendly St. Louis is committed to helping St. Louis families get the asthma care they need. If you have any questions, please contact Asthma Friendly St. Louis at (314) 657-1423 or fill out our online contact form.